Making an Ottoman kaftan

My textile design is informed by Iznik pottery; the original drawing is just 24cms x 15cms and when it was enlarged to fit the fabric required to make the kaftan the pattern lost some of its defintion.

Initial drawing informed by Iznik pottery patterns

I used Photoshop to rearrange the design to fit the pattern pieces:

Pattern lay

This design was digitally printied on to cotton sateen and inorder to improve the definition and texture of the fabric I have added free machine embroidery to parts of the pattern.


Using the research and images of children’s kaftans in the Islamic Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum I cut templates for the 4 main parts of the kaftan to make a toile:

Toile for kaftan

From this I am now constructing the kaftan:

The collar is too wide and the sleeves should be shaped both at the front and back. I will make these alterations and complete the garment by adding 10 small covered buttons and button loops…

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