V&A Clothworkers Centre visit 26.11.14

It is some time since I last posted an article however I am back and, embarking on a new business designing and making kaftans, I will be continuing my research of Ottoman textiles and the history of the Ottoman Empire.

I had a wonderful morning at the Clothworkers Centre, London studying two beautiful Ottoman Entaris.

The first was a striped Lampas silk beautifully embroidered in chain stitch with a floral motif.

Entari 1900. Museum number: T.96 to B – 1954

Ottoman Entari 1900.

Ottoman entari striped

ottoman entaro front neck detail

Front detail – scalloped edges. Chain stitch embroidered floral pattern

entaire chain stitch embroidery detail

Sleeve cuffs

entari sleeve backSleeve back

entari cuffCuff

entari sleeve detailCuff shape detail

scalloped edge lining detail and stitching

Stitch detail and lining

entari lining edging and stitch detail

Edging detail and stitching

I have made plenty of notes and measured sketches and will post these once I have redrawn and finished them.




New sculptures

Prism Exhibition 2013

Mall Galleries, London

Liminal – crossing the threshold

I am rather late posting my response to this exhibition – life happens.

The exhibition was one of the best I think – so many excellent and diverse textiles in response the subject ‘Liminal’ – that space between the conscious, the seen, and the borders of reality.

Old man of the woods, Spirit and Lady of the lake
Old man of the woods, Spirit and Lady of the lake













old man of the woods closeup
Found wood; digitally printed silk













Found wood, polished; felted fibres and mixed fabrics









Prism 2013 -Liminal’

Prism 2013 exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London

‘LIMINAL’ – crossing the threshold

28th May – 1st June 2013

There are over 50 textile artists exhibiting and it will be a wonderful collection. Entry is free and we look forward to seeing everyone!

press release prism 2013

I am exhibiting three pieces of textile art in response to the theme:                   ‘Liminal’ – crossing the threshold.

‘Haphazard, misshapen branches from fallen trees pepper the route of my morning walks. I am always intrigued by the ambiguity of their forms – some gnarled and twisted, others smooth and elegant. It is the essence of creatures that lurk between the dead wood and my imagination that informs my felted and embroidered sculptures’.

prism 2013 card

The Contemporary Textile Fair 2013

The Contemporary Textile Fair 2013 was held at the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington – March 8th -10th 2013

This was the first time I had exhibited at the Fair and I had a really enjoyable weekend. The Landmark Arts Centre building is a large Gothic style church with high vaulted ceilings and some beautiful stained glass windows. Despite its lofty ceilings the space was warm and inviting and the exhibitor stands were set out in well-lit booths.

blog 2
My stand showing a digitally printed chair and a selection of silk throws, felt sculptures and replica doll of the Princess Elizabeth Tudor by Thomas Scrots 1534

blog 1


- and these are some of my favourite textiles of the Fair:

jacki sleator
Jacki Sleator – Nuno felt jackets and scarves
Valerie Huggins – Art quilts
Woodward and Davey – Hand knitted jackets. Hand-dyed silk and wool yarns. Absolutely beautiful



P1060781 Craig Fellows – digitally printed textilesP1060780

The Contemporary Textile Fair 2013

I will be exhibiting at the The Contemporary Textile Fair 2013 at the Landmark Centre, Teddington March 8th – 10th

This is a first for me and I am really excited about it

2013 Contemporary Textile Fair flyer

2013 Contemporary Textile Fair flyer

I shall have a range of textiles including digitally printed and woven throws and 3D figurative felt sculptures.

Textile design for digital print
Textile design for digital print

See you there!




Molly Williams – Textile Artist and Designer


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